The key dates in relation to outside events are as follows;

1086 Domesday survey
1000ís (late) St Peterís built
1400ís Soames Place built, bell tower added to church
1500ís The Forge built, The Old Farmhouse built, The Old Parsonage and Tithe Barn built
1592 Silver communion cup presented to St Peterís
1600ís Manor Farm House built
1620 Devastating fire in Alresford
1624 Restrictions introduced on timber framed houses
1644 Battle of Cheriton, 3 miles from Ropley
1665 Great Plague of London
1677 The first of the Budd family settle in Ropley area
1700ís (early) Ropley House built
1700ís (late) The Old Vicarage and Ropley Grove built
1726 Church clock installed at St Peterís
1730 North Street Farmhouse built
1745 Turnpike Cottage built
1746 The Malt House built
1749 Fourth church bell cast for St Peterís
1753 Act of Parliament to build A31 as we know it today
1766 William Howley born Ė Archbishop of Canterbury 1828-1848, who crowned Queen Victoria Ė he was raised in "Archbishopís Cottage"
1788 The original Vicarage, Ropley Lodge and Hall Place were built
1800ís Ropley Manor built
1826 First school opened by Samuel Maddocks along Petersfield Road
1839 Tithe map of this area produced
1845 Gold torque dating from 800-1000 BC discovered
1846 Hampshire hunt kennels established in Ropley
1851 Census ó population of Ropley 818, First post office opened in Ropley
1856 -1932 Miss Marianne Hagen, author of "Annals of Old Ropley"
1856 Horse and Groom (between East Tisted and Farringdon) burnt down
1861 Alton, Alresford and Winchester Railway Ltd formed, work starts on railway at Ropley
1864 Anchor Inn burnt down
1869 Methodist chapel, now Eleanor House, built. New school built in Church Lane
1871 Lye Farm burnt down
1879 The Tichborneís claimant trial
1882 Ropley becomes a separate parish
1883 Coffee Room opened
1888 Ropley School enlarged
1894 St Peterís Church rebuilt
1895 Ropley and West Tisted Cottage Garden and Allotment Society founded
1909 Dene Stores and bakery opened, Methodist Chapel opens
1918 Wooden Parish Hall built
1921 First tractor in the village and first TT (tested for tuberculosis) milk herd
1922 Ropley Womenís Institute founded
1934 First mains electricity available
1936 Monkwood Mission Church established
1938 New Parish Hall opened
1945 Mains water came to Ropley (though many houses still without in the 1970ís and at least one as late as the mid-1990ís)
1948 Cricket and football pitches cleared
1952 Mains electricity widely came to Ropley (similarly, took to the end of the 1970ís for all houses to be connected)
1957 Bowling Green laid
1960 School modernised
1962 Cricket pavilion opened
1966 Pram Race started
1973 Railway closed
1974 Ropley Football club promoted to senior division
1977 Mid-Hants Railway Co. opens the Watercress steam railway
1981 New tennis pavilion built
1981 Census; 1432 population of Ropley excluding West Tisted
1986 New Bowling Club clubhouse built
1989 New surgery built; a good example of modern architecture
1991 Census; 1535
1995 Ropley WI closed for the second time
1998 School extended
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