There was a surprising result, especially when there is little local demand for homes the Appraisal showed 26 people requiring them. The problem with restricting homes to local people is that need is never there when they are available, as was the case when the last development at Meadow View was completed.

With the recent announcement that Government might support the draft development plan for over a million houses in the South East, there is likely to be more pressure on rural communities. It was interesting to see the views of residents of Ropley on this subject, when asked what kind of accommodation do you think Ropley needs?

When asked what type of development would be acceptable there was strong support, 449 (55%), for the conversion of redundant buildings, followed by single dwellings in controlled areas which was backed by 335 (41%) of the people. There was also support, 240, (29%), for small groups of less than 10 homes. Finally there was the usual "Not In My Back Yard" group 213 (26%) who wanted no development at all.

Support for different kinds of accommodation in the village
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